Videos of Lectures and Panels

Questioning “Degrowth” as the solution to climate change

Carlota Perez: A 10 minute panel presentation about the Limits to Growth debate in the 1970s and now

March 2023

itSMF Conference Norway

Carlota Perez:

November 2022

EU 8th COHESION Forum 2022

March 2022

Carlota Perez on how governments have brought golden ages in previous revolutions

IIPP-MOIN series

February 2022

Why understanding technological trajectories matters for success

Brazil – Entrepreneurial Mobilization for Innovation

December 2021

A Crucial Moment For Shaping A Better Future

Digital Capitalism Congress of the FES Competence Centre on the Future of Work

November 2021

Towards a Smart Fair and Green Golden Age: Constructing the Future with Knowledge of the Past


October 2021

Designing the transition: From Consumerism to sustainable ways of living

Annual Lecture Utrecht University

September 2021

April 2021

Materials sustainability and the need for wide-ranging political support

IIPP-UCL In the context of a panel discussion on Transforming the Use of Materials for a Green Deal with Dan Hill, Saskia Sassen and Tanushri Shukra. Webinar

January 2021

Radical redesign for sustainability through entrepreneurship and innovation

Joint presentation with Stelvia Matos of Surrey Business School. Moderated by Itziar Castelló

November 2020

Using the history of technological revolutions to help us understand the present and shape the future

RESET! Towards Digital, Climate and Regional Justice Conference. Amsterdam

September 2020

Towards smart, green, fair and global growth: Learning from the history of technological revolutions

Online talk at GAIA

July 2020

Technological Revolutions and The Shape of Tomorrow. Why the future is not always the continuation of the recent past

Online lecture for Baillie Gifford

May 2020

The Social Shaping of Technological Revolutions: Blockchain and AI in the Information Age

At the virtual Consensus Annual Event. My goal was to clarify a confusion about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, which are often associated with my theory about technological revolutions

May 2020

Debating with Chris Burniske, author of Cryptoassets, and then a Q&A session, chaired by Zack Seward of Coindesk, after the Consensus presentation

May 2020

With Kate Raworth and moderated by Mariana Mazzucato in a series on Innovation and the Welfare State. Pres. by Kate Raworth “Harnessing innovation for a green and just economy”, followed by a discussion covering growth, feasibility, etc.


May 2019

Capitalism, Technology and a Green Global Golden Age: The role of history in helping to shape the future

Lecture 10 on Capitalism, Technology and Innovation, in the IIPP-UCL course on Rethinking Capitalism. London

April 2019

A new educational paradigm for the digital revolution: Preparing for the future by learning from history

Presentation at the 100th Anniversary Event of TalTech, Estonia

20 September 2018

Designing the future of the information age

Presentation at the Democratic Design Day organized by IKEA in Lugano, Switzerland

14 September 2018

Smart green growth is our best option for a socially sustainable future: A view from the history of technological revolutions

Summit of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

June 2018

It is time for government to come back boldly, wisely and adequately: a view from the history of technological revolutions

Presentation in the Global Drucker Forum, Vienna

17 November 2017

Using historical experience to understand the presentand construct a better future

Talk in the Anthemis Hacking Finance Retreat in Méribel, in the French Alps

July 2017

Smart Green growth: Innovation for the good life and a prosperous society

Public lecture at the Norwegian Business School

May 2017

A GLOBAL SUSTAINABLE GOLDEN AGE COULD BE AHEAD: A view from the history of technological revolutions

350th Anniversary of Lund University, Sweden

December 2016

Technical change and the changing policy options for the 21st century

Presentation at the Oxford-CAF seminar “Understanding the Challenges of Informality in Latin America: Political, Economic and Social Dimensions

November 2016

The Golden Age Ahead Is Both Digital and Green

Comments in ASUT-Summit, Berne, Switzerland

16 June 2016

Technological Revolutions, Balderton Capital

CEO Collective

May 2016

Capitalism and the social contract: looking forward learning from history

Bankinter Foundation Forum, Madrid, Spain

September 2015

Technological revolutions and the impact on Society

In Conference Connecting the Dots, Utrecht, the Netherlands

30 January 2015

Comment to Andy Haldane's presentation in the Opening Session of the Conference on Mission-Oriented Finance for Innovation (MOFI2014), Westminster


22 July 2014

Natural Resouces and Development in Latin America

United Nations University/MERIT, Maastricht, the Netherlands

May 2014

Anthemis Innovation Playground

Ushering in the Golden Era in the Information Age

18 June 2013

Financial bubbles, crises and the role of government in unleashing golden ages

FINNOV Final Conference 2012 – Day 2, ICI, London, UK

02 February 2012

Carlota Perez. Investing in emerging markets: big market for advanced countries

Carlota Perez. Revolutionary resources getting cheap: data

Carlota Perez. From inside modernization focus to outside demand focus

Carlota Perez. Triple Helix: government, university and business interacting

Carlota Perez. Small Knowledge-Intensive Enterprises: crucial for competitiveness of countries

Carlota Perez. In the midst of ICT revolution: next revolution 30 years out

Carlota Perez. Role of state in fufure direction: demand volume and direction

The direction of innovation after the financial collapse. ICT for green growth and global development. 9TH Triple Helix Conference, Stanford.

Full globalisation as a positive-sum game: green demand as an answer to the crisis". Public lecture in honour of Ralph Miliband, London School of Economics

May 2010

Ser sensible a les noves demandes vitalitza el creixement, ACC1Ó-OME Catalan Agency for Competitiveness. Forum 2009

A (timeless) 2008 interview at FreedomLab, Amsterdam

The changing shape of strategic opportunities - From Bubbles to Golden Ages. CISCO, San Jose

February 2007

Lecture in IBM Business Leadership Forum

Technological Revolutions and Techno-economic Paradigms as Framework for Designing Industrial Policy. Conference at the event "How are ICT and Biotechnology related? Policy implications for Estonia". Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs

27 September 2002