Beyond the Technological Revolution



Beyond the Technological Revolution is funded by the Anthemis Group, a firm dedicated to cultivating change in financial services and a belief in the transformative potential of the current moment. Anthemis operates in line with many of the premises that Carlota Perez put forward in her first book, Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital . The goal of the company is to reinvent finance for the Information Age by investing in ‘change-agents’ who are driving disruption in financial services.

As part of this commitment, the company maintains an ever-growing ecosystem linking academics, policy makers and entrepreneurs to nurture the next generation of finance leaders. Funding for the BTTR project is entirely separate from the commercial activity of the company, and allows for complete independence on the part of her research team. It is provided as part of the Anthemis mission:

to explore the macro issues, challenges and opportunities related to the re-invention of financial services … drive pervasive change … and allow Anthemis to facilitate and lead the global dialogue on the reconstruction of the industry to better serve our global Information Age economy and society in the decades to come.

The BTTR team is very grateful for the opportunity to carry out its work in this context.