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Carlota Perez as Interviewee

“On technological revolutions and capitalism”

Interview by Erik Cederrwall & Sachin Gandhi for their Luminary Podcast

"The new key role of education in the ICT revolution and what should be done about it"

Interview by Tim Logan of Future Learning Design Podcast

"Episode 3: Mik Kersten + Carlota Perez"

In the MIK+ONE podcast

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In another fantastic episode, Mik’s plus one is Dr. Carlota Perez, author of Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital: The Dynamics of Bubbles and Golden Ages.

In this episode, Mik and Carlota discuss:

– Where we are in the Turning Point of the Technological Revolution, and the challenges of achieving the Golden Age

– What leaders in organizations and governments can do to think and act differently to survive the Technical Revolution and Turning Point

– The lifestyle and characteristics of mass production and mass consumption, and the need to move from tangible products to non-tangible services

– Successful examples of traditional enterprises that are shifting into the direction of turning their products into services

– What Carlota is currently working on, including researching the historical context of the different revolutions, and the future of the Golden Age and how to stay optimistic


Episode 61: Interview with Carlota Perez, Centennial Professor of International Development at the London School of Economics

"Technological revolutions and social and environmental sustainability"

Interview by Fergal Byrne for the Sustainability Agenda Podcast

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Professor Carlota Perez has spent her career researching the profound impact technology has had on socio-economic development.  In this fascinating interview, we explore the two distinct phases of a technological revolution as outlined by Carlota: installation – or experimental early phase – and deployment (or “Golden Age”).  Carlota emphasizes the critical role governments play in this phase. By setting a clear and context-sensitive pathway for the transformation through new policies, regulations and taxes, the state can ensure a win-win outcome for both business and society.  Considering the trends from the four previous technological revolutions, Carlota compares the current socio-economic situation to the 1930s and suggests how we can move forward towards a sustainable golden age for our information revolution.

Carlota Perez is a Venezuelan-British researcher and educator, currently affiliated to three universities in the UK ­– LSE, IIPP-UCL and SPRU (Sussex) – and to TalTech in Estonia.  She specializes in the relationship between technology and socio-economic development, with a focus on techno-economic paradigm shifts and the theory of great surges (a development of Schumpeter’s work on Kondratieff waves). Her book, Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital: The Dynamics of Bubbles and Golden Ages, published in 2002, has had a profound impact on our understanding of how technology shapes our institutional, economic, and social development.

"Bubbles, Golden Ages, and Tech Revolutions"

Interview by Azeem Azhar in the Exponential View podcast in the Harvard Business Review website

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How do we exploit the technological revolution for green growth and global development? Celebrated economist, author, and scholar, Carlota Perez joins Azeem Azhar to discuss the nature of techno-economic paradigm shifts and current progress in the cycle of technological revolution. Perez is the author of one of the most influential books on the subject, “Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital

In this podcast, Carlota and Azeem also discuss:

  • The new welfare state.
  • How universal basic income could increase innovation.
  • If we’re on the verge of a new Golden Age.

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The Basic Income Podcast

Technological Economic Cycles, feat. Carlota Perez

Why technological revolutions require welfare revolutions

Interview by Owen Poindexter in the Basic Income Podcast

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While in many ways it feels like we live in unprecedented economic times, through another lens we have been here before. Dr. Carlota Perez charts economic cycles around technological breakthroughs, and she provides needed clarity on our current economic moment. In this episode, she discusses where we are in today’s economy, how we could proceed forward in a productive way, and the stakes in getting this moment right.

When the personal path becomes clear

By Leslie Campisi in the Hacking Finance page of Anthemis UK

“Booms and busts”

Interview by Peter Day (Part 1 and 2) for the Global Peter Drucker Forum 2017

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Professor Carlota Perez takes the long view of economics, the very long view. Her particular field of interest is long cycles stretching out 50 years or more, and often starting with the shock of big technology changes. She teaches at the London School of Economics, the University of Sussex, Tallinn University of Technology and University College London, and she has written a much-praised book: “Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital: the Dynamics of Bubbles and Golden Ages”. In this first podcast, she tells Peter Day about the economic cycle we are now in the middle of … and how it’s similar to (and different from) previous big cycles which are not really understood by business people, politicians, and even economists themselves.

In this second podcast, Professor Carlota Perez lists some of the things that need to be tackled in order to turn the huge uncertainties of the current technology revolution into a golden era of inclusive prosperity.

Are We on the Verge of a New Golden Age?

Strategy+Business, Interview-conversation, Art Kleiner (editor-in chief), Leo Johnson PwC consultant and Carlota Perez

“We Need a Very, Very Big Change”

Conversation with Sean Park, the Founder of Anthemis, in Méribel, in the French Alps

Harnessing the technological revolution

Interview by FT Tech Tonic

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Tech utopia or tech dystopia? Carlota Perez of the London School of Economics talks to John Thornhill about the radical changes she believes are needed if we are to harness the benefits of the current technological revolution

Why government must boost the information economy

Interview by Kathleen Hall in Computer Weekly

A conversation with Fred Wilson and Carlota Perez

In the O’Reilly Media Web 2.0 Expo New York

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Carlota Perez. British-Venezuelan researcher, lecturer and international consultant, specialized in the social and economic impact of technical change and on how it changes opportunities for growth, development and competitiveness. In her acclaimed book Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital: The Dynamics of Bubbles and Golden Ages she presented a theory of the role of finance in the creative destruction process brought about by technical change that has helped understand the boom and bust episodes of the last two decades. She is Professor of Technology and Development at the Technological University of Tallinn, Estonia, Research Associate at CFAP/CERF, Cambridge Finance, Judge Business School and Visiting Scholar at the Faculty of Economics, both at Cambridge University, U.K. and Honorary Professor at SPRU, Science and Technology Policy Research, School of Business, Management and Economics, University of Sussex, U.K. Her articles from the early 1980s have helped understand the relationship between technical and institutional change, between finance and technological diffusion and between technology and economic development. As consultant and lecturer she has worked for various public and private organizations, for major corporations (IBM, Cisco, Ericsson, Telefonica, etc,) and for governments in Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia as well as for the EU, the OECD, the UN and several multilateral agencies. In the early 1980s, when acting as Director of Technological development in the Ministry of Development in Venezuela, she founded the first venture capital agency in the country. She is frequently invited to participate as keynote speaker in major international academic, public policy and business events.

How universal internet access can lead us to sustainable global growth

In the FTTH Council of Europe 2011 Conference, Milan

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Carlota Perez, the keynote speaker to address FTTH Council’s conference in Milan earlier this month, made a very simple yet powerfull observation. Looking back to all 5 major industrial revolutions periods she divides each revolution era in two consequtive periods, one financially led and one production-led. The two periods are divided (or perhaps, more accurately linked) by a period of instability and recession. According to Mrs. Perez, we are currently going through the mid period before the production boom of the Internet revolution, having already experienced the finance-led overinvestment of previous years.

A better understanding of the new challenges is needed

Interview by Eulalia Furriol, Barcelona, Paradigmes, Issue No. 4


The danger we are running now: to have a gilded age instead of a Golden Age

Interview for Janela na Web by Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues


Financial Bubbles and Economic Crises

Interview by Jonathan Rutherford, London: Soundings, Issue 41. Extracts publisjhed in e-book The Crash by J. Cruddas and J.Rutherford eds

01 April

Riding the waves – and understanding what hit us

Interview by Nathan Hegedus in Ericsson Business Review, Stockholm: Issue 3, 2009, pp. 10-15. 

Carlota Perez on the Web 2.0 Bubble

Answers to Brad Stone, published in Bits (blog of The New York Times on ICT)

Carlota Perez: The Thought Leader

Interview by Art Kleiner in Strategy+Business, Issue 41, pp. 131-137. USA