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Lecture in Oxford in the III CAF Conference

Talk in session 4, chaired by Eduardo Posada Carbo where the speakers were Daniel Ortega (CAF), Carlota Perez and Fabiana Machado (IDB)

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The Challenges of Informality in Latin America: Political, Economic and Social Dimensions The Evolution of Government Policies Towards Informality.

MODERATOR: Eduardo Posada-Carbó, Professor of Latin American History and Politics, University of Oxford.

Daniel Ortega, Director of Impact Evaluation and Policy Learning, CAF – Banco de Desarrollo de America Latina.

Carlota Pérez, Professor of Technology and Development, London School of Economics.

Fabiana Machado, Economist, Bank InterAmericano de Desarrollo.

“Capitalism, technology and a green global golden age: The Role of History in Helping to Shape the Future”

At the launch of the book Rethinking Capitalism, edited by Michael Jacobs and Mariana Mazzucato, at SPRU, University of Sussex

"Looking at the future, Learning from history" presentation

Looking at the future, Learning from history: The Golden Age Ahead is Both Digital and Green

Swiss Telecommunication Summit, Bern

The Direction of Innovation After the Finanacial Collapse: ICT for Green Growth and Global Development

Presentation by Carlota Perez at 9th Triple Helix Conference, Standford

Full Globalisation as a Positive-Sum Game: Green Demand as an Answer to the Financial Crisis

Ralph Miliband Lecture Series: The Future of Global Capitalism, LSE


Modernising Government to Shape a Better Future

Presentation by Carlota Perez at Flemish Conference on local e-Government, Ghent, Belgium


Building a Sustainable Global Golden Age for Overcoming the Crisis

Presentation by Carlota Perez at Human Habitat, Lisbon

ICT and the direction of innovation after the financial crisis

Looking at the future with the aid of history at Broadband Summit APDC (Portuguese Association for the Development of Communications)


ICT and Green, A Natural Partnership to Nurture: Shaping a sustainable globalization and redesigning the and redesigning the ‘good life good life’

Presentation by Carlota Perez at CUD Global Conference, Amsterdam

Towards a Sustainable Global Golden Age: Reshaping Globalization and redesigning well being

Presentation by Carlota Perez at CUD Global Conference, San Francisco