Interviews and Podcasts

Carlota Perez as Interviewer

Slavo Radosevic: The Top Innovation Scholar About Central and Eastern Europe

Interviewed by Carlota Perez about the lessons to learn from those countries and the importance of interviews and public sector experience for the relevance of policy recommendations.

In the panel: Gabriela Dutrenit, Nicholas Vonortas and Yannis Caloghirou.

Series IN CONVERSATION of the Chris Freeman Centenary Lecture Series organised by

José Antonio Ocampo: Between Academia and Public Service

Carlota Perez interviews the professor at Columbia University, three times minister in Colombia, about academics in government (YSI-LASTID series)

The challenges of economic development seen from the exercise of government

Carlota Perez interviews Javiera Petersen, Deputy Minister of the Economy in Chile

Mariana Mazzucato, Economist, founding director of the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose

Carlota Perez interviews her about the role of academia in support of policy makers

Luciano Coutinho, former President of BNDES

Academic theory, policy and politics from personal experience. Interviewed by Carlota Perez (YSI-LASTID)

Knowledge, Politics and Policy | Francisco Sagasti & Carlota Perez

YSI and Carlota Pérez invite Francisco Sagasti to discuss his experience as President of Peru