Leonardo Rocha

Leonardo Rocha (in the team 2015-2017) is now Data Scientist at Elo7, a role in which he leads a team focused on developing data-driven solutions for technology scouting research. He excels in activities such as collecting and analyzing large datasets, utilizing programming languages like R and Python, and applying data science techniques to identify emerging technologies. His projects involve automating research steps through software and dashboards, as well as developing new ways to analyze data. Leonardo holds a master’s degree in economics from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), where he specialized in industrial economics, innovation economics, the banking sector, and total factor productivity.


With prior experiences as a researcher at FIOCRUZ – Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, he has refined his expertise in conducting scientific research, utilizing econometric measurements, and contributing to projects investigating the societal implications of technological advancements. Leonardo also worked as a Researcher in the RedeSist team at UFRJ, where he contributed to the research on the Family Health Program, applying the theory and methodology of Local Productive Arrangements (APL) to the case of the program in the Rio de Janeiro city. Leonardo’s strong analytical mindset, proficiency in data analysis and modeling, and passion for technology scouting drive his ability to generate valuable insights and drive innovation.