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Why technological revolutions require welfare revolutions. Interview by Owen Poindexter in the Basic Income Podcast. 2019-05-07

Lecture in Oxford in the III CAF Conference Talk in session 4, chaired by Eduardo Posada Carbo where the speakers were Daniel Ortega (CAF), Carlota Perez and Fabiana Machado (IDB) 2016-11-04

Harnessing the technological revolution Interview by FT Tech Tonic 2016-11-02

“Capitalism, technology and a green global golden age: The Role of History in Helping to Shape the Future” at the launch of the book Rethinking Capitalism, edited by Michael Jacobs and Mariana Mazzucato, at SPRU, University of Sussex, October 2016 2016-10-01

Looking at the future, Learning from history: The Golden Age Ahead is Both Digital and Green Swiss Telecommunication Summit, Bern, June 2016 2016-06-01

The Direction of Innovation After the Finanacial Collapse: ICT for Green Growth and Global Development Presentation by Carlota Perez at 9th Triple Helix Conference, Standford, July 2011 2011-07-01

Full Globalisation as a Positive-Sum Game: Green Demand as an Answer to the Financial Crisis Ralph Miliband Lecture Series: The Future of Global Capitalism, LSE, 18 May 2010 2010-05-18

Modernising Government to Shape a Better Future Presentation by Carlota Perez at Flemish Conference on local e-Government, Ghent, Belgium, December 2010 2010-12-01

Building a Sustainable Global Golden Age for Overcoming the Crisis Presentation by Carlota Perez at Human Habitat, Lisbon, 18th October 2010 2010-06-19

Growth After the Financial Crisis Presentation by Carlota Perez at the Institute for Public Policy Research, London, June 2009 2009-06-01

ICT and Green, A Natural Partnership to Nurture: Shaping a sustainable globalization and redesigning the and redesigning the ‘good life good life’ Presentation by Carlota Perez at CUD Global Conference, Amsterdam, September 23rd - 24th 2008 2008-09-23

Towards a Sustainable Global Golden Age: Reshaping Globalization and redesigning well being Presentation by Carlota Perez at CUD Global Conference, San Francisco, February 20th – 21st 2008 2008-02-20

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"Perez provides a fresh analysis of technological, financial and social booms and busts in an engaging and refreshing way. The book weaves a compelling new fabric of observation and theory ...

By Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, find more...


"I tremendously enjoyed reading this book both because of the topic that Carlota Perez investigates, and because of the way the investigation is carried out."

By Bertrand M. Roehner, University of Paris, find more...

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2016. Swiss Telecommunication Summit in Bern, Switzerland.
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