‘Smart green’ technology is the path to follow Op-ed in the Financial Times

“Redesigning the Estonian university for the digital age” Article in EDASI.org

“From a casino economy to a New Golden Age: Carlota Pérez at Drucker Forum 2017” Presentation at the Global Drucker Forum, published by Steve Denning in his Forbes column

Why it’s time to bring back –and modernize– government. Blog for the Global Drucker Forum 2017 where I spoke on November 17th

When the personal path becomes clear, By Leslie Campisi in the Hacking Finance page of Anthemis UK.

“Booms and busts” Interview by Peter Day (Part 1 and 2) for the Global Peter Drucker Forum 2017.

Are We on the Verge of a New Golden Age? Strategy+Business, Interview-conversation, Art Kleiner (editor-in chief), Leo Johnson PwC consultant and Carlota Perez.

“We Need a Very, Very Big Change” Conversation with Sean Park, the Founder of Anthemis, in Méribel, in the French Alps.

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