Consultancy, Lectures & Courses for the Public Sector

Multilateral organizations

  • CAF
  • European Union
  • IADB
  • OAS
  • OECD
  • SELA
  • UNDP
  • UN Development Policy and Analysis Division
  • World Bank

National and local government organizations

  • Central Bank/ASTUR, Uruguay
  • City of Amsterdam, Mayor and his Aldermen
  • City of Amsterdam, Alderman for Urban Planning
  • CNPq, Brasilia
  • CONACYT, Ecuador
  • CONADE, Ecuador
  • CONAVI, National Council for Housing, Venezuela
  • CONCYTEG, S&T Council of Guanajuato, Mexico
  • CONDIBIECA, consejo Nacional para el Desarrollo de la industria de Bienes de Capital, Venezuela
  • CONICIT, Venezuela
  • Consejo Nacional de Educación, Venezuela
  • Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Spain
  • COPRE, Comisión Presidencial para la Reforma del Estado, Venezuela
  • CORDIPLAN, Venezuela
  • CORFO (Development corporation), Ministry of the Economy, Chile
  • Corporación de Fomento, CORFO, Chile
  • Estonian Development Fund, Tallinn
  • Financial Crisis Commission of the Norwegian Government, Oslo
  • FINTEC, Fundación para el Financiamiento Tecnológico, Venezuela
  • FUNDAYACUCHO, Venezuela
  • FuturesIreland, National Economic & Social Development Council, Ireland
  • Gobierno de Sao Paulo, Brasil
  • Government of the Province of Alberta, Canada
  • INNOVA, Chile
  • Institute for Public Planning, Global Policy Forum, Yaroslavl, Russia
  • IDRC, Internacional Development Research Council, Canada
  • IVEPLAN, Venezuela
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Venezuela
  • Ministry of Science and Technology, Venezuela
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs, Directorate-General Telecommunications and Post, Netherlands
  • Ministry of Education, Venezuela
  • Ministry of Science and Technology and Municipality of Shanghai, PR China
  • Ministry of the Development, Venezuela
  • Ministry of the Economy, Estonia
  • Netherlands Council for the Environment and Infrastructure
  • Norwegian Environmental Agency
  • Senate Technology Committee, Chile


Techno-Economic Paradigms: Essays in Honour of Carlota Perez
Wolfgang Drechsler, Rainer Kattel, Erik S. Reinert (eds.) Published by The Anthem; Other Canon Series 2009
ISBN 13:978 1 84331 785 2

Techno-economic paradigm shifts are at the core of general, innovation-based theory of economic and societal development as conceived by Carlota Perez. Her book on the subject, Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital, is a seminal enunciation of the theory, and has had immense influence on business strategy, national and international development programmes, and academic research on the subject.

Techno-Economic Paradigms presents a series of essays by the leading academics in the field discussing the theory of techno-economic paradigm shifts, and its role in explaining processes of innovation and development. This festschrift honours Carlota Perez.

Wolfgang Drechsler is Professor and Chair of Governance, Rainer Kattel is Professor and Chair of Innovation Policy and Technology Governance, and ,Erik S. Reinert is Professor of Technology Governance and Development Strategies at Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia. Reinert is also Chairman of The Other Canon Foundation, Norway